A1 Hammer & Steel Smithy (Armory)

U1 Warrior Practice Ground, Weapon Vendor
C1 Haven Public Library and Chemist (Alchemist)
C2 Docks

E1 The First Bank of Haven

F1 Now You're Cookin' (Bakery)
F2 Last Chance Provisioners
F3 Sweet Meet (Butcher)

GC Haven Clockworks (Tinker)
G1 The Sorcerers Guild
G2 The Bardic Guild
C3 Brothers of the Nimble Hand (Thiefs Guild & Training Ground)

H1 Healer of Occlo (Healer)

S1 Woodworking Artistry (Carpentry)
S2 A Stitch in Time (Tailor)
S3 Better Leather Tannery (Tanner)
S4 Anchors Aweigh (Shipwreight)

T1 The Bountiful Harvest (Inn)
T2 The Albatro (Tavern)

X Mine


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