Merchant on Tour - Who are we?

The ones interested in Ultima Online have, no doubt, already heard about Merchants on Tour (mainly on the shard Drachenfels). But what have those Merchants on Tour in common with Star Wars Galaxies? Much as you will see below..
Last update: 03.10.2003

`Who are we?'

Merchants on Tour
Die PA Merchants on Tour (Gorath) is in search of new members.

Who are we?
The Merchants on Tour are a group of players whos main field of action is trading of goods of every kind. This guild was founded in autumn 1999 on the Drachenfels shard of Ultima Online. The objective was the establishment of fair prices, the establishment of shops and warehouses on vital points all around the world, the constant refillment of the vendors with vares and a good reputation.
We succeeded in obtaining our goals in Ultima Online. However now we are looking forward to conquer the stars too. After short excursions in the games AO 'Anarchy is online', the '4.Offenbarung', AC2 'Asheron's call 2' and the foundation of a splinter group in DAoC 'Dark Age of Camelot' it appears as if most of the 'old' staff wiell regather in Star Wars Galaxies.

Why 'Merchants on Tour'?
At the beginning in UO we couldn't afford more then small shops and their attractivity was not overhelming. It was pretty clear to us, that supermarkets can only be successful in the vicinity of big towns and travel routes. That's why we travelled from marketplace to marketplace and sold our goods there. Since we were always on the move - we called ourselves Merchants on tour. From tradition and affection to this name we also took it with us to SWG.

What do we expect from SWG?
A lot. Many of us were not able or willing to experience 3D-clients before and expect to have a more satisfying playtime with the isometric view offered in SWG. Additionally we require a game with many possiblities to develop ourselves (skill system) and still offers interesting structures (like bountyhunter, rareshunter, merchant, ..). One of our strengths has always been creativity, which led to a great number of events in UO.

Will there be MoT-events in SWG too?
Yes of course! We are at this time still in the construction stage of our business and try to develop a priceguide. Still we regularly hold excursion events to other planets (like Endor) each weekend.

Can I join you?
You are very much invited to join us. We have set up a registration form for the Merchants on Tour, which will require a few answers from you. This information is intended to help us to get to know you better. We don't want to be a elite troup, but a team of player who try to get the maximum out of a game. This only succeeds if everyone is relaxed and enjoys playing and also willing to contribute himself to this attitude. It is not importat to which faction or race you belong. We behave neutral towards all our customers. None of the parties is favoured or disadvantaged. Our main languages are german and english.

What are your plans for the future?
It turned out that we intend to set up a trading post, which guarantees the offering of goods in our usual good manner. Additionally we intend to act in a neutral manner and not join any alliance. Some of us will probably have a deep sympathy for the rebels, but also 'corellian freethinkers' will be found within our rows.
Following points are on the short term plan or have been achieved in youngest time:
- establishment of the PA hall. (finished)
- establishment of Shops on all habitable planets. (at present active on Naboo & Tatooine)
- development of a priceguild, which includes all items and contains fair and above all understandable prices.
- development of a supply system (which we already successfully use in UO), where the shopkeeper can set their demands and the guildmembers can report for the deliveries.
- establishment of a stable member basis of people willing and able to attend to the shops and provide them with goods.
- establishment and protection of a good reputation within the community.

How can I get in contact with you?
First there would be the board on, where all our PA members are available regularly to discuss prices and plans or just exchange information. In addition you can also find a guild roster there, where you can check for the ingame names of the members and pick yourself a personal contact. Our PA hall and also some memberhouses are located on Naboo, close to the city Keren at the coordinates 1409 / 3741.

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