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Welcome ..

Thou art willing to join our guild? This is pleasing and we would like to invite you to fill out the form.
And after that? Our guildleader gets your form. Please register an account at our host (this is important because you need an account to write on our board and to get into the internal part of the site). After you have been added to the clan please write a start-posting onto the board so all are informed you have joined.

Last update: 06.08.2003

Please fill in the following form. The red parts are confidential and not subject to publication. Green parts are gamespecific and we do use them in public. Please be thorough and fill in all the data so we know you a little better.


Personal data (please fill in correctly and do not use nicknames)

First name

Last Name / Surname

Place / Hometown



Day Month Year

Personal eMail-adress

We are allowed to use them for our member-pages.


We are allowed to use them for our member-pages.

I play SWG since



My SWG-Char which wants to join is called

This char is located on the following server:

This char has been in a guild already

Yeah, it was the guild ..

One of my other chars is in another guild

Yeah, it is the guild ..

I look at my char as


Roleplaying is important to me ?

Why do you want to join us ?

What do you know about us ?

Does your char have a backgroundstory ? Please tell us about it.

My char wants to do the following in his life .. (Feel free to mark more the one thing)

earn credits
survive adventures
manage a quest
participate in a quest
travel to the stars
take part in the fraction-system
and ?

kill players
become Jedi
own a house
become an architect
work some hours for raw-material
kill big beasts

If you completed the form please press the Submit-button once. We call you as soon as possible.



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