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While monitoring the DAoC ingame chat we often encounter several similar questions, which either repeat themselves with every new member, or cannot be fully answered in just quick short sentences. These are the answered topics so far. If you have any further guild questions not referred to, then please contact our GM per mail.
Webpage What's our webpage and why do we have two of them?
I miss information on the webpage, how can i have it added?
Alliance Why are we allowed in /as only above level 30?
How can turn off alliance chat?
Guild Leadership Who is the GM of this guild?
Who makes guild decisions?
Guild Members Why do we have open invites and should I invite everyone I want?
Can I have my alts also promoted to my guild level?
Can someone PowerLevel me?
I don't want or don't have time to check or follow guild rules.
Guild Items Do we have a guild house and a vault?
Can i take everything out of the vault?
The guild vaults are full, can we get more vaults?
I need a guild crafter, how do I find one?
Guild Events Who can schedule guild events and HOW?

Webpage: What's our webpage and why do we have two of them?

We have one big fansite network on GateCentral.com. There you can find the specific webpages for each game, including DAoC (DAoC.GateCentral.com). In each of the several games we support guilds and communities, Team GateCentral of Lancelot is only one of those. All the Team informations, rules, roster and boards for all the supported guilds are united on the Team.GateCentral page. That's where you are now, and that's where you need to go for Guild references. If you are looking for not guild-specific informations on the game, then you should adress the general DAoC (or SWG or UO) site.

I miss information on the webpage, how can i have it added?

Everyone is invited to add personal DAoC knowledge to the webpage for the benefit of all readers. Especially level 50 chars of any realm are asked to add their personal "how-to-play" guide to our Tips & Tricks section. If you have documents, game informations or just questions or small corrections please don't hesitate to contact our head admin Raknar per mail or over the forum.

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Alliance: Why are we allowed in /as only above level 30?

To understand this requirement you will need to take a second to think about the meaning of an alliance chat. It is available for a huge amount of people with very specific game interests. It is an essential point of communication for topics which *require* this amount of people for announcements and help calls. Mostly this applies to high level quest, RvR raids and high level experience raids. Now why does it only apply to "high" levels? Because low levels can handle their problems in much smaller groups, while high levels cannot. That applies for quests, which can be soloed at low levels but require more then one full group at 50 epic level. It applies to RvR, where hundreds of players and full organisation is needed for relic raids, while the centerkeeps in BG can be handled with less then 30 players. And it also applies to high level exping, where the range of exp mobs is getting thin and dangerous. Considering this problems it's obvious we would all want to keep /as as brief and informative as possible and at a certain level above guild chat. So we allow lvl 11+ to read /as if they like and get accustomed to it, while they still need to ask their questions in guildchat, where those also usually can be answered by their higher level guildmates. From BG3 we considered it would be helpful to be able to call to arms within a wider ranger of people so we set the line at that level.

How do I turn off alliance chat?

If you don't want to read alliance chat at certain times, you can setup all your chat tabs by rightklicking on it and uncheck the according checkbox. Please still try to read /as as well as guild chat as much as possible to keep yourself informed and up-to-date about activities.

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Guild Leadership: Who is the GM of this guild?

Although we have two GM players to handle everyday guild business, the guild leadership belongs to Redstarian for the time being. The current GMs will most likely remain the only ones for this guild until they choose to leave DAoC, which will not happen anytime soon :) The reason to restrict GMs to just one person results from the experience that many concurrent leaders will inevitably come to different opinions and decisions, pull in different directions and eventually create chaos. With just one Guildmaster we can provide our teammembers consequent leadership, straight and steady guild objectives and an environment they can rely on.

Guild Leadership: Who makes guild decisions?

The officers are the ones to take care of everyday guildlife, monitor the guild in GM absence, support guildmembers with their everyday problems and supervise guild activity. Although they don't have ultimative power, from the reasons mentioned above, we still trust them to offer the base support and assistance to establish and follow decisions and rules already set. For new issues the GM basicly holds ultimative power about guild decisions. He will of course strongly rely on his specialized officers for advice and eventually also discuss problems openly with all guild members before taking action. But once a course is set, there is no debating and argueing.
Constructive suggestions from guild members are most welcome, but please also consider that we have a very long experience with guilds and communities and many ideas which seem new to one member might have already been discussed, considered and decided in the past.

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Guild Members: Why do we have open invite and should I invite everyone I want?

Yes, we have open invite. It is our goal to become a very big strong community on our server. Especially since our members are living wide apart and spread over many timezones we need to put more effort into it then any other guild. Of course we would like to have only members who are honest, reliable, loyal and who are willing to contribute to the Team. But! we will never know if someone is fitting into the team unless we give him a chance. So, good-natured as we are, we give *everyone* a chance to join us, test us, test himself and see if they want to stay. First of all of course we try to establish a family feeling so we would welcome it if every member will bring along his family and friends. But also besides that everyone else you encounter willing to join the Team or looking for a nice new home, please drop them an invite and give them a chance to prove themselves.

Can I have my alts also promoted to my guild level?

No. We have more then 90 teammembers, it is impossible to keep track of everyone's alts, so each of your chars will have to earn its own guild-level. We didn't find any reason why it would be necessary to promote chars to their alts level, so we will not do it. The only exception from this rule applies to officers. Their alts are set at a level where they can monitor officer chat, they gain this priviledge in exchange for the duty to be available for guild business on all of their toons.

Can someone PowerLevel me?

Most likely not. First - we don't have any member named "someone" whos single purpose is to spend his playing time for the benefit of others. On the other hand, if you feel like that "someone" yourself you can of course pick up lowbies for PLing and you are most welcome to do so. But it's not required and not expected. Why not?

  • Leveling is a very important part of the game. It gives you the time to slowly and steady learn to handle your char, explore the lands, find mob camps, experiment with your abilities, learn to act within big and small, good and bad groups, and finally be able to get the best out of your char. Even if you already have a lvl.50, you still need to learn to handle your new toon. We don't want you to become a lvl.50 "noob", but a wanted and renowed skilled veteran player, able to handle each one of your toons at his best.
  • Grouping with players in your level range is not only gaining exp, but also a challenge to fully use your char abilities, team abilities, leadership and organisation skills. Especially if you already have a high level toon, you can most effectively use groups to practice groupleading and -organisation, and also pass your knowledge about hunting experience. Every young Albion will eventually become equal lvl.50 oneday, and the more skill he was able to pick on the way, the better realmmate he becomes. And you'll want good teamplayers for your own future, so watch out for guildies and group with each other.
  • If you have a group going, at *any* level, don't hesitate to offer lowbies to join. They'll be happy about a short lift and you'll have the opportunity to show them how higher levels practice. You don't need to be lvl.50 yourself to group with lower ones, you can do so at *any* level. So be generous! But also take care not to take the same person with you every time. Give them the time and let them gain own playtime experience between the PL sessions.
  • The same applies if you are able to PL your own toons. It doesn't hurt to let lower levels join along the way, they won't kill exp if they con grey and you'll make them happy with a few quick levels. Still try to make sure they contribute in some form instead of staying around afk, and also try to rather actively play your lowbie toon, or you'll end up with a "fake" lvl.50 char yourself.

Therefore, we very much encourage guild groups with any level range, we welcome PLing events whenever someone volunteers to take the job, but most of all we trust in each and every one of you to do your best, struggle, learn and grow to be a skilled and valuable player, for your own reputation, and also for the Team.

I don't want or don't have time to check or follow guild rules.

The guild rules are not random and not for fun. We tried to establish as few rules as possible, but each of them follows a purpose and has a reason. You will NEED to take the time to check them and you will NEED to follow them if you want to stay with our Team. It is not a personal matter open to discussion, but it follows strict principles and applies to everyone the same. Regardless of your toon, level, friendships or insistance, we will NOT tolerate any ignorance or violation of the guild rules.
As you raise in ranks, prove yourself trustworthy and show responsibilty towards the improvement and benefit of the guild as a whole you may of course try to suggest alternative rules or offer better solutions. All officers are open to suggestions and will try to explain reasons if needed. Don't try it at Munifex' level however or out of personal preferences. Such efforts will most likely be noticed and will ruin your plausability.

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Guild Items: Do we have a guild house and a vault?

Of course, we do not only have a guild house, but a whole guild house complex. It is the guild house in the middle and the two neighbour houses on each side. You will find the guild vault in the main guild house, together with a binding stone. The three houses together offer access to all teleporters, all crafting stations together with the according NPC vendors, vaultkeepers, a smith, and hopefuly some time later a healer when we find the place to set him up. We were able to set up all of that due to generous donations from Teammembers and the houses are quite expensive, so be sure to acknowledge that and handle it with respect. You can freely use the offered facilities and of course you are welcome to contribute in any way you like. You can not only easily help with the house rent, but also improve the overall guild ranking by simply playing in big RvR and earning bounty points, this doesnt cost you anything but playtime and doesnt take anything off your char. You are also welcome to add interior decorations to the houses to improve the homely feeling if you like, and you can donate money and / or items to any officer or GM to be used for the guild facilities.

Can i take everything out of the vault?

Yes, and no :) The guild vaults are for all of you, but you are expected to handle it with responsibilty. It is a place of giving and taking, so take what you need and give back what others might need. It is intentional to have the guild vault full and provide as many items as possible. If you want to donate more then would fit into the vault please contact an officer or the GM to take the items off you and give it to the Guildmaster. He will sort out the items and distribute them into the vault and vendors, and keep them safe until there is place again.

The guild vaults are full, can we get more vaults?

Yes, we intend to, but it's not as easy as it might sound. A new vault requires the house to be upgraded, which costs 40p for the upgrade, and a lot more maintenance afterwards. The rent for the main house is being currently paid from the guild bounty points, which require high levels to do a lot of RvR for. Upgrading the house will require even more. Also the decos and the other houses were financed from personal ! funds of the house owners and officers (many thanks to them at this point), so unless we find an endless source of money somewhere or are able to set up some form of tax, the house upgrade will have to wait. But of course we are working towards it and contributions are welcome :)

I need a guild crafter, how do I find one?

We have several crafters who cover all tradeskills available. You can check for their names on Herald and contact them ingame, or just ask. Since our Teams playtime is spread over more then one timezone it might also be adviseable to write your demands on the webboard and try to set up crafting appointments there. If you want a crafted item, please consider it usually requires more then one player to craft it, it is expensive, and if you intend to level soon then you'll probably grow out of it in no time. So help yourself with loot and NPC bought equipment as long as possible. Our guild vendors might also be a good choice for loot items, sets of lvl.27 and lvl.37 armor, potions, etc.

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Guild Events: Who can schedule guild (*or battlegroup) events and how?

Everyone can. Even more, every single member of TGC (that is especially you!) is cordially invited to schedule and hold events for the team.
*If you plan to hold open battlegroup events for the first time, then ask someone more experienced to support you with it. These are much more difficult to lead and it's much more important to be successful doing it.

How do I schedule events?

You should try to hold events which you can lead yourself. Pick an area, encounter, artifact, RvR, whatever activity in an area you know, with tactics you already experienced, and invite your guildies to join you there.
First thing to do is to talk in guild chat and find out who might be interested. Find a few Teamies who agree to join your event and try to find out which time would fit best for them. Weekends afternoon is usually the best schedule for most of our members to be able to join.
Once the time and raid target is set, let the officers know. Ask them to announce the event in /gc motd, to attend the event themselves and to help announce it in guild chat and alliance from time to time.
*If it is planned as open event, then let our GMs know, they can announce it and call for players also on other guilds boards.
Go to the webpage and start a new thread with date, time, target and meeting place. Invite your guildies to come to your raid, tell them what they can win there and how much fun it will be :)

How do I run events?

Plan your course of action in advance. Be sure to know your target, /loc and tactics. Keep everyone informed during the raid. Tell them where you are heading, what you will be doing, and also (most important) let them know what you expect them to do.
Show up in time for your own event. Best is some hour or so before it starts, to be able to announce and remind it to those online.
If you see too few members showing up, dont abandon it. Pick another target or mobs you are able to do with your current group, that might not fulfil the goal, but is probably still fun. The other option is to open a battlegroup and invite all interested players, that might bring you the numbers for more difficult raids.
*Don't forget to set /bg loot treasurer, /bg treasurer <name> and /bg lootlevel <30> in every zone !!
*Run with big raids without speed, make sure the ones falling behind say it soon enough and loop back or stop for them to catch up. Let the group leaders announce link deads and wait two minutes for them to come back. Make sure everyone is not afk and attentive before you start encounters.
*Especially with battlegroups be sure to announce claimed loot before starting, and to keep a fair and balanced lotto afterwards.


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